‘IMAX’ Your Phone Screen Wirelessly

Do you feel limited by the small screen of your phone? Or do you suffer from the neck pain after using it? 

DreamGlass Air helps! it can ‘project’ multimedia from your smartphone into multiple 100’’ virtual screens .  With  a  2.5k  QHD  resolution  and  an unparalleled 90°FOV, every single detail comes to life for the most immersive viewing experience you’ve ever seen.

Enjoy the Personal Theater Anywhere

Enjoy  total  privacy  and  the  ultimate  viewing experience ! DreamGlass Air gives you  an immersive  view  while  keeping  your  content unseen from the outside. It's comfortable to wear and completely hands-free.

Ultra Portable, Universal Compatibility

DreamGlass Air is feather light, weighing at only 5 oz. With a unique foldable design, it is of the size of a pair of ski goggles, perfect for on-the-go use .  Also,  it  features  across - platform  compatibility ,  for your phone, computer, game consoles(PS4, switch, Xbox) and drones, to deliver an incredible viewing experience anywhere and anytime.

Turn any seat into First Class

Bring your 100” IMAX theater on board. Step into the private digital world and make the time fly. With the most cutting - edge  augmented reality  technology, your neighbor besides you can’t peek into your private screen, but you have full awareness when there is food service or emergency, delivering the perfect feeling of safety.

Mix the reality in a  Futuristic Way

100'' Handheld Game Console

Triple Monitor Setup Anywhere

Turn Your Phone  into a Private IMAX Theater. 

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